Published Work

Here is a list of all the Published Work I’ve done with my other types of Photography!

Published Work:
November ’09
AC’s 12 month Calendar – “A Year with AC”
July ’10
*Macon Food & Culture, Cover & Fashion Spread
*11th Hour Macon – Cover & Feature “My Favorite Things”
*11th Hour Statesboro- Cover
*Nick Malloy CD Cover & Promo Shots
*Abby Owens- Promo Shots/Website Photos
August ’10
*Macon Food & Culture, Cover & Dog Days Spread
*11th Hour – My Favorite Things feature
*Renegade Grinder- Ashley Shafer’s lead photo, featured Tattoo Artist
*Pinup Magazine- Ashley Croft’s photo in the Dirty Rotten Rides ad
September ’10-
*11th Hour Cover – Hipsters & feature
October ’10-
*11th Hour Cover and feature on Underworld Macon
November ’10-
*AC’s 2011 Calendar release – all photos in calendar
*Modified K9 Pitbull Rescue 2011 Calendar release- June – Brix & Bishop
Dec ’10-
*PinUp Magazine Christmas Edition- 2 pages (Crystal Lucinian) & back cover with Ashley Croft for Dirty Rotten Rides
*Retro Lovely Issue #3 – 3 full pages and also 2 shots in the Dirty Rotten Rides ad

–Issue 4: CommonCreativ Three. Article featuring Jenny Bunny Bunns
–RebelMusicTV. Dame of the Month: Ashley Croft
–11th Hour Feature on Caulfield’s Vintage- lead photo
–Vintage Kittens Issue #1 – Full page with several girls
–Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear- Robin Cook for Liberator with Kimber Lee
–The Pin UP Mag – Feb/March Issue – Featured Photographer
–Pretty In Ink- March Issue – features Skip Boman
–Unreality Magazine Online- Star Wars Last Supper
Interview With Skip Boman – fIXE Magazine – Several photos
–Feature Girl on Inked Til Death–  Skip Boman
–Macon Food & Culture Magazine- 12 page Spring Fashion spread featuring Tessa Spangler & Keri Walker of SSP Models
–11th Hour HoCo Issue 2 Cover- Christian Williams
–Macon Food and Culture- Nature shot on front Contents
–Retro Lovely #5- 2 page spread with Ashley (Croft) Dunn
–11th Hour HoCo Issue 3 Cover- Magenta Costley
–Feature girl for FIXe Magazine online- Shannon Shuttleworth
–11th Hour HoCo’s Cover- Coco Esser
–11th Hour HoCo’s Cover- Nina Williams
–Cat’s Meow Mag Debut Issue- 3 pgs- Shannon Shuttleworth, Skip Boman
–Retro Lovely #5- 2 page spread of Ashley (Croft) Dunn
JUNE ’11
–New Debut edition M Food & Culture, Summer Fashion Spread
–Vintage Kittens- Amber Lu feature page
–Macon Magazine- feature on Nichole Mitchell
–Ol Skool Rods Issue 47- Ashley Dunn(Croft)/Bettie of the Month
–Pinup Perfection Issue 7- Nina Williams
July ’11
–The Cat’s Meow-  4 pages – Skip Boman, Gang Awesome (Mandolynne, Kristin & Skip) and Karinna AtLee
–The PinUP Magazine – Pinup of The Month- Skip Boman
— Dirty Rotten Rides- July Dirty Girl of the Month- Nina Williams
–The Rebel Pinup Page- July Pinup of the Month- Ashley Croft
–Vintage Kittens July – Skip Boman
MyRideIsMe.comJuly Pinup of the Month- Ashley Croft
–Retro Lovely #6 – Maggie Munster & Karinna Atlee
–Petite Alternative Sept 11- Haley Hellian 8 page feature spread
–PinUp Magazine August Edition- Skip Boman
–Frenchies Online Magazine- page featuring Dixi (daughter to my own Willie)
–On The Rise Magazine- feature Model- Lakyle Thomas
–Skullbunnie- Girl of the week- Karinna Atlee – Angry Girl of the Week-  Karinna
–Modified Dolls Magazine Brain & Breast Awareness #2-  Karinna Atlee
–Cat’s Meow Magazine Special Edition
–Modified Dolls Magazine ASPCA Edition #3- Haley Hellian, Miss Magenta, Karinna Atlee
–Retro Lovely Starmaker Magazine #1 – Karinna Atlee
–Retro Lovely #7 – 4 pages of Catwoman with Amber Lu
–Cat’s Meow Magazine #7- Karinna Atlee
–Delicious Dolls- Shannon Shuttleworth
-Fashionably Geek- feature
-GeekPron -Feature-
-Geeks Are Sexy – Feature-
-MyDisquises- Feature-


–The Modified Dolls January Edition
–Glam Rock – Winter 2012 Edition- Sushi SunDae
–Cover of Macon Food & Culture magazine- Cherry Blossom edition
–4 pages of Sushi SunDae in Retro Lovely’s Taboo #3
–4 pages of Tasha Williams in Retro Lovely’s Taboo #3

After February 2011 I stopped keeping up with this (took time off to have a baby!) but will update it soon!

UPDATE November 2015- Star Wars Famous set STILL BEING CIRCULATED! How amazing is that?!