Studio News!

I’m so excited to announce that in addition to the Real Estate Photography- WHICH I LOVE!! I’m reopening the studio!! But this time, it’s got a new name- STUDIO G – The G is for Gatti, Gorgeous, Glamour, Glitz, Great and so much more!

HOW EXCITING!!! This time the Studio is on Vineville in Macon and in February I’ll be doing some type of Grand Opening or Visit day or Hang out or ….something! Right now I’m trying to get some business stuff wrapped up, find someone to make and put me a sign by the road and looking for neat furniture and things to make some sets. I am actually looking for some stuff to borrow since I only use a set for a day or two!

I am looking forward to making lots of gorgeous portraits in this adorable studio and have already done a few photos. Below are a few to enjoy!

You can always book a shoot for yourself, join a Girl’s Day In or schedule a Group day for you and some friends for a special price!

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