Are you using your Photos fully?

As I surf the internet looking to keep up to date on the latest trends, what works best to help agents get homes sold, how to keep on top with having the best photos and what sort of packages I can offer to further help promote them, I notice a trend that I want to help out with. I typically post a home shoot on Facebook, Instagram, and also on my Blog and tag the agent and office and hope that they will also take those posts and Share them so more eyes can see. The main reason I do this is to utilize the full awesomeness of the high quality photos that I take. I also make small slideshows when requested that use these high quality photos. I’m not sure that people realize that the local MLS’s take any photos that are uploaded and compress them into a size that fits their template and some MLS’s put a big stamp on them also. These photos are downsized and degraded from what is originally sent and once it is posted throughout the internet from each site, they can degrade even further. Even any video tour company that is automated will only use the downgraded photos, but I can make you pages with the full quality photos! What I do helps my clients show the high quality photos because shopping online is the first place Buyers go and you want their FIRST VIEW to be the BEST VIEW. I make blog posts right here with all sorts of information including agent and brokerage and these blog posts have full size photos to be viewed in all their glory and if there is a video- it also is on the page to be seen in high-quality. An agent just needs to share any link with their listings so people can see the best of the photos made for the marketing. I also offer Marketing blasts/Social Media flyers to help you produce the highest quality for your marketing.

I am happy to help you to provide the highest quality for your marketing needs, be it for Real Estate, Design, Building, Renovation, a Business or Architectural.

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