HAPPY NEW YEAR!! $21Million in Sales!

Happy New Year to everyone and I hope we all have an even more prosperous, safe, happy and healthy 2016! This year has been fantastic for Real Estate and the numbers show.  For 2015, A total of 55 homes SOLD that were photographed by Robin Gatti Photography equaling a bit over $21 MILLION DOLLARS in Real Estate Sales in Middle GA. !! It’s astonishing! Last year’s total was $13 Million.  One Top Producing Real Estate Agent sold 15 highend (over $300k) homes, 12 were photographed by me.  Another sold 4, and 3 were photographed by me.  One other top producer sold 5, 3 were photographed by me. Twelve Real Estate agents that I work with, sold a total of 56 homes listed for $300K+, and 27 of those I had the pleasure of photographing-  that’s 48%! Huge congrats to all the sellers and Real Estate Agents that put their faith in me to help get their listings noticed with professional Real Estate photos. 2016 is going to be even better as I have a new price list and will be offering specials throughout the year.  Please email me robingattiphotography@yahoo.com and visit me on Facebook and Like and Follow- Robin Gatti Real Estate Photography,  I am also on Instagram and Twitter!


Robin Gatti Newbern

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  1. Mary Gatti says:

    Just received this. I’ve always said, you write soooo well and this is soooo professionally written,!!!!! I’m so amazingly proud of you! Have I asked you if you’re on Linkedn (sp?) ? I am, have been, but have not updated since quit work. Everyone who is anyone is on there so it’s a good professional site to be on! I haven’t checked for you on there.




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